About Rolex

Why is Rolex so speciel?

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Rolex is the watch, that is never worn out. The reason is unique production-methods.

That is why the purchase of a second-hand Rolex is the purchase of a watch that in no way is inferior to new Rolex watches. And R-ure.dk follows the international prices from Munich and London so you can be certain that the price you pay or get for your second-hand Rolex is neither too high nor too low.


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At Rolex the entire Clock Case is made from one massive block of eightteen-carat gold, platinum or stainless steel. There are no weldings, gluings and the likes, so the Clock Case is 100 percent water-proof.

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Sapphire Crystal

Sapphire Crystal is synthetic crystal, that is absolutely scratch-proof, the reason why it is preferred for luxury-watches.

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The Winding Crown

The Winding Crown is perhaps the most unique part of the entire watch. As in a submarine, the crown shuts completele tight in two places, and not one drop is allowed to penetrate into the Clock Case. The system is called "Twinlock", and is used on all Oyster-models. On the divers' watches an even more secure crown, the "Triplock", has been fitted that is water-proof all the way down to 300 metres.


Divers watch?

Yeah right, you may say, you've heard that before. We all know the cheap watches on which it says for instance 100 metres. But the point is, that those brands only test a few parts of the watch. On a Rolex both the crown - that is normally the weak spot - and the crystal live up to the specifications, and the watch-case is made in one piece, that is, no opening that allows water to penetrate. Therefore even Rolex gold watches can actually be used for both swimming and diving. That is why they are so popular among adventures who do not need to change watches between expeditions and dinner parties.


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