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Rolex' History

Rolex from 1910 until now

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1910  Rolex made a watch, small enough to be carried around the wrist, making the traditional pocket-watch obsolete. It was small, but precise enough to receive a Certificate of Precision from London's Kew Observatory, a Certificate normally only given to ships-chronometers.

This event marked the real establishment of an international reputation for Rolex. Since then it's reputation and prestige has grown, so today the watch has become the symbol of people's success and capability in sports, expeditions, art, and official life.

1926 Rolex invented Oyster, the first watertight watch ever. Since then its reputation has grown all over the world.

The watch has handled the toughest of challenges - from the depths of the ocean to the top of Mount Everest, and from frost in the Antarctic to the burning sun of Sahara. Leading athletes appreciates its durability, discoverers its reliability, and known artists its elegance.

Just one look on Rolex Oyster with its virtually scratch-proof sapphire-crystal, and ...


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