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What is Rolex Oyster?
What names are used?
What series exists?
What kind of bracelets exists?
Can I change between Plexiglas and sapphire?
How does Mail-ordering work?
Is there any guarantee on these watches?
How old is my Rolex?
How can I tell, whether my Rolex is genuine or not?

What is Rolex Oyster? The Oyster is the most sold watch among the series of Rolex watches and are fitted with the water-proof winding crown. When a watch is called a "Rolex Oyster" it should just be considered as a basic model with no special qualities. Apart from the Oyster, Rolex also makes the Cellini series that does not include water-proof watches.


What names are used? As previously mentioned all Rolex watches that are water-proof are called Rolex Oyster. In addition the following models are found:
  • "Date", shows the date
  • "Datejust", self-winding and shows the date
  • "Daydate", shows the day of the week and the date (only available in Gold, White gold, and Platinum)
  • "OysterQuartz", model with a quartz movement
  • "Perpetual", self-winding


What series exists? Within the above "professional series" Rolex has made a series of special watches that are all equipped with each their special qualities designed for particular purposes:
  • The Cosmograph Daytona has got a stop watch for example for sport activities. It measures down to 9 seconds per unit.
  • The Explorer is a basic model with no specific qualities but in a design that is different from the ordinary Oyster watches.
  • The Explorer II with a second 12-hour hand that can be adjusted independently from the other. The normal hand rotates 12 hours while the other - the red one - has got a 24-hour rotation. The 24 hours are indicated on the bezel and the 12 hours on the dial as normally. This allows travelers to keep track of time both locally and at home.
  • The GMT-Master has got an extra hand like the Explorer II but in addition it has got a rotatable 24-hour bezel which makes it suitable f.ex. for pilots
  • The GMT-Master II has got an hour hand that can be adjusted independently of the minute and second hand.
  • The Submariner is made specially for divers and is water-proof down to 300 meters (984 feet) in stead of the normal 100 meters.
  • The Sea-Dweller is for professional divers, with a overpressure-valve, which makes diving down to 1200m (3937 feet) possible
  • The Yacht-Master comes in 3 sizes, and has a turnable bezel with 60 minutes on it, which makes it possible to measure intervals.


What kind of bracelets exists? There are 3 types of bracelets viz., the Jubilee, the President and the Oyster.
Can I change between Plexiglas and Sapphire? No. The diameter is not the same, and a Plexiglas model will always be with Plexiglas, as with the sapphire.
How does mail-ordering works? You transfer the amount suggested to John Fogtmann, and you receive the watch by mail. After that you have eight days to return the watch, if you aren't satisfied.
Is there any guarantee on these watches? Yes. You have one year of guarantee, unless something else is clearly specified. The guarantee does not include cleaning.
How old is my Rolex? Find the serial no.of the watch, and check this list for corresponding years.
How can I tell, whether my Rolex is genuine or not? Many people mistakenly believe that if the second hand "floats" the watch is real. However, that alone does not guarantee the authenticity of the watch, but it is true that the second hand moves approx. 6 times per second on a Rolex which makes the movement look "floating".
Besides it is very important to check the numbers that are engraved in the clock case between the shoulders - remove the bracelet and check that the model no. of the watch is engraved between the shoulders at 12 o'clock and that the serial no. of the watch - that indicates when the watch was made - is engraved in the clock case at 6 o'clock. If no numbers are found the watch is a fake. If the correct numbers are engraved and it is a steel watch or a gold/steel watch it is almost certain that the watch is real.

If it is a gold watch you should also make sure that the name of Montre Rolex S.A. is engraved inside the works as so-called "Super Fakes" of 18 CT gold engraved with false numbers have been made.

N.B. Gold bracelets, diamond dials, brilliant bezels etc. should always be checked by professionals as it is almost impossible for non-experts to see the difference between real and fake items.

If you have any doubts whatsoever do not hesitate to contact a professional.

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